Your Best Alternative to Salesforce for Outlook, Inbox, and Einstein Activity Capture

Whether you are exploring the free or paid versions of Salesforce’s integration offerings, be sure to consider the serious impact that these options can have on your data and your users in the long term.

LinkPoint Connect ensures that all client data is secure, that all users have a seamless and efficient experience, that you have consistent and reliable access to your data, and that you avoid hidden fees.

Data Issue: Insecure Access & Storage

Salesforce tools rely on connectivity with Exchange Web Services (EWS) which puts confidential and sensitive data at risk. What’s more – the emails and events saved by the Salesforce tools with activity capture don’t reside inside Salesforce. Your data is in a separate application, that expires after only a few years, that you can’t easily report on, and that you have to pay even more to access usefully.

Content Issue: Unreliable, Inaccurate Archiving

Salesforce’s email integration tools are notoriously buggy, slow, and unreliable. Support is limited and/or requires add-on packages (and costs) to talk to a real person about your issues. On top of it, their auto capture options clutter the CRM and affect reporting accuracy. Since the data is not always stored inside Salesforce, tracking metrics becomes even more complicated.

Usage Issue: Difficult & Inefficient Tools

One of the key reasons Salesforce users look for email integration is to simplify processes. But the native Salesforce options add steps, add clicks, and limit end user workflow flexibility. Counter-productivity is the exact opposite of what email integration is all about. These solutions are also less intuitive to set up and use, especially when working with custom fields and workflows in Salesforce. The result? A solution that end users simple won’t use or an auto capture system that creates noise and stores your emails outside of Salesforce.

Cost Issue: Hidden Fees & Lost ROI

Using a less-than-dependable solution creates inefficiencies and time losses that add up. Teams waste time fighting tools that should make their lives easier, not create more steps and slow their workflows. Time spent not selling or supporting clients is lost money in deals, pipeline projections, and payroll. Add to this that you have to pay to use most the native Salesforce integrations. Even the free offerings are so limited that clients find out they need to pay hidden fees or add to their overall Salesforce investment. And with versions of Exchange, Outlook, and Salesforce unsupported, you might have to pay to upgrade other systems…just to record emails.

Know Where Your Data Is Stored

LinkPoint ConnectSalesforce InboxEinstein Activity Capture
(EAC) (Free Version)
Emails & Events are Permanently Stored in Salesforce
Emails & Events are Stored Inside Salesforce and Not an External App
Emails & Events are Available in Standard Salesforce Reports

Confirm Your Data Security and Accessibility

LinkPoint ConnectSalesforce InboxEinstein Activity Capture
(EAC) (Free Version)
No EWS Access Required – All URL Endpoints are Secure
No Administrative Setup – Integration Works Out of the Box
Integration Licenses Not Required for All Salesforce Users
All Salesforce Editions are Supported

Ensure Ease of Use for All Users

LinkPoint ConnectSalesforce InboxEinstein Activity Capture
(EAC) (Free Version)
One Click to Record an Email or Event
One Click to Create a New Record via Email Signature
Capture Custom and Required Task and Event Fields
Edit Email Subject/Body Before Recording to Salesforce

Enhance Your User Workflows

LinkPoint ConnectSalesforce InboxEinstein Activity Capture
(EAC) (Free Version)
Capture Meeting Notes with Custom Chat Bot
Track Email Opens with Real-Time Alerts
Integrate Mobile Outlook Users without a Separate App
Create and Assign Follow Up Actions When Recording

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