Why choose LinkPoint over Lightning for Outlook, Inbox, and Einstein Activity Capture

Key Features

  • No Exchange access required
  • One-click email recording
  • Sync only what you need or all via Automatic Activity Capture
  • Email open tracking
  • Calendar availability sharing
  • Your data is always stored in Salesforce
  • Same features of Inbox at half the cost
  • Outlook, Outlook for Mac, Gmail, & IBM Notes

Trusted By

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Achieve Maximum CRM Productivity

LinkPoint360 solutions simplify email integration and CRM record maintenance with integrated inbox access. Record emails with just one click. View real-time CRM data without ever leaving your email. Empower your users with meeting notes, sync, and edit options with an eye on productivity without sacrificing security.

Connect Your Email & CRM

Use LinkPoint360 to view, record, create, and sync between email and Salesforce/Microsoft CRM with simple and seamless email integration for any platform.

  • Simple One-Click Email Recording
  • Custom Object and Field Detection
  • Secure Client-Side Deployment

The LinkPoint360 Difference

LinkPoint360 designs the easiest, most secure, and most flexible integration solutions on the market. Seamlessly reinforce user workflows while offering new inroads to your CRM.

Productive & Efficient

Spending time on what matters

Work between your inbox and CRM without switching between systems or manual data entry.

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Valuable & Impactful

Improving the bottom line

Increase adoption, gain better insights, and improve reporting to improve projections, outcomes, and ROI.

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Secure & Supported

Ensuring successful results

Install with peace of mind in compliance with your system requirements…and the support of our in-house teams.

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Explore Our Latest Release

The 7.3 Release focuses on user productivity around meeting scheduling. LinkPoint TimeScout brings built-in meeting booking to the Enhanced Side Panel for LinkPoint Connect. 

We Love Our Customers

LinkPoint360 provides email integration for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM users around the globe.

Take Your CRM ROI to the Next Level

LinkPoint360 solutions amplify the power of existing CRM systems and significantly improve CRM return on investment. LinkPoint Connect is shown to increase workflow efficiency by up to 50%, meaning your company is getting more out of your CRM and your teams.
  • Increased CRM adoption means a better ROI.
  • Improved workflows and metrics means better insights and  projections.
  • Included upgrades means no hidden fees or extra costs.